Attention Pet Lovers …

You Can Make A FORTUNE 
From Your Passion For Pets
Starting TODAY


Keep Reading to Learn How You can 

Grab a Piece of the $41 Billion Pet Industry


Do You Love Your Pets
More Than Your Job?

Does Your Current Job:

  • Allow you to work with your dog laying at your feet, a cat on your lap, and your birds singing a beautiful song?
  • Require you to board your pets during the day or pay someone to come and spend a few minutes with them while you're at work?
  • Provide the income you desire to give your pets the lifestyle you know they deserve?
  • Allow you to help pets and pet owners?

If you have a "typical job" the answer is most likely "NO".

What If ...
  • You could enjoy your passion for pets and receive income from that passion?
  • You enjoyed spending a considerable part of your day working WITH your pets?
  • You provide a valuable product or service that benefits pets and pet owners in your community and around the world?
You CAN do all of those things...

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  • I Wrote This Special Report for YOU

    Learn 35 Pet-Related Business Ideas 

    that Can Improve Your Lifestyle By

    Empowering You to Enjoy Your 

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    Passion for Pets


    My Business Experience...

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  • I am an animal lover and also have 15 years of experience working with people starting new businesses and small business owners that are expanding their existing business.  I have advised entrepreneurs, business owners and business managers.

    I also have started several companies myself and currently manage those businesses in various industries, including an innovation consulting business, an Internet marketing company, and a property development company.

    I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and small business owners - helping them build a business that provides a level of income they desire while enjoying a balanced life.

    I prepared this Special Report for people who want to create a source of income while pursuing their love of pets.


    Special Report Includes:

    25 Ideas you can start today with little or no money

    Businesses that you can Manage in your Pajamas... 
    and that give YOU control over Your Own Schedule

    Businesses You can Operate WITH Your Pets

    Ideas You can Enjoy with your Kids

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    Business Ideas for Any Type of Pet


    Part of My Family

    Two of My "Business Helpers"

    Pet Lovers Have A Secret . . .

    If you're a pet lover, then you already understand the special bond between you and your pets.  If you've never had a pet, you probably won't understand the secret strength of this bond.

    I grew up with lots of pets - dogs, birds, fish, gerbils ...

    Today my family includes my wife, twin girls, two dogs (see above photo) and two cats.  Our dogs and cats are important members of our family and are treated like four-legged humans. 

    I’m sure that most pet lovers feel the same way their pets and cannot imagine their lives without them. 

    Most pet lovers I know are happy to spend lots of money on pet food, treats, toys, pet supplies, and pet gadgets.  We love to pamper our pets and give them the best of everything.

    Pet lovers understand that the love, enjoyment and companionship they receive from their pets is priceless.


    Two More Assistants

    Two More "Assistants"

    Over the past 15 years, I have worked with dozens of new businesses and existing small businesses to help them  

    35 Business Ideas that are Perfect
    for Pet Lovers

    • 35 different ways to Profit from your love of dogs, cats, birds, fish, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, snakes, iguanas, turtles, hermit crabs, pot-bellied pigs, horses, or any other pet.  35 different opportunities researched and compiled in this one report.
    • Start using most of these ideas part-time without quitting your regular job or significantly changing your daily routine. 
    • Start one of these businesses Today and Enjoy an immediate positive impact on your life.  
    • You have an Unfair Advantage - Since you already love pets, you are more likely to succeed when implementing any of these 35 ideas.  And, since you’re doing something you love, it will never seem like work. 
    • You'll Stop thinking about retirement - Have you ever noticed that people who are passionate about what they do never talk about retiring?  If you love what you’re doing, why would you want to think about quitting that activity?


    An Abundance of Profits

    According to a recent article in Business Week Magazine, Americans currently spend $41 billion a year on their pets.  That amount is expected to grow to $52 billion within the next two years. 

    And, those huge numbers are just for the United States.  
    Many of the ideas I discuss in my report can generate profits world-wide!


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    Grab your piece of the Profits Now!



    100% Risk-Free Guarantee

    "How To Make A Fortune From Your Passion For Pets" comes with a no-hassle 8 week money-back guarantee.  If for any reason you decide that you are not completely satisfied with the course, just email me within the next 8 weeks and I'll promptly refund every penny you paid.  

    That's 56 days for you to put this report to the test - I'm taking all the risk.  What could be more fair than that?



    Are you ready to get started. . .

    If so, click the order link below - You'll get Immediate Access to the Report.  You can start reading the report in less than 5 minutes.

    Order Today - The sooner you order this Special Report and begin implementing one or more of the 35 ideas in the Report - the Sooner you can start building your Fortune from your Passion for Pets.


    Order Now for Only $17

    Yes Steve - I want to get started immediately!

    Order Online By Safe, Secure Server

    Click Here to Order Now

    To Download the Report in PDF Format
    (Even if it's 3:00 am on a Saturday)

    • Every effort has been made to accurately represent this report and its potential.  Please remember that each person's success depends on various factors, such as their background, desire, motivation and dedication.  As with any business activity, there   is no guarantee that you will generate any money.

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    Best wishes,

    Steven Sponseller

    P.S. If you want to generate additional income doing what you love – Order this Report Today and Discover 35 ways to Profit from your Love of Pets.

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